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Business Address 10050 100 St Plamondon Alberta T0A 2T0 Canada Business Phone: (1) 780-276-0139 Website:


ARGO NORTH is dedicated to catering to all your off-road vehicle needs. Whether you are looking topurchase, rent or need maintenance on your unit, we’ve got you covered.

We are the Certified Argo Dealer for the North-East Region of Alberta covering Lac La Biche, Fort McMurray, ​Conklin, Wandering River and Plamondon

ARGO NORTH operates out of a 9-bay Bumper to Bumper mechanic shop in Plamondon, AB. As we are owned and affiliated with CS AUTO, we can guarantee the highest standard of service in vehicle maintenance and services.


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10050 100 St Plamondon Alberta T0A 2T0 Canada